Nomas Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced a number of various activities during Eid Al-Fit Holiday. The programmes include a range of activities that will be held remotely in response to precautionary measures taken to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19), while making sure to bring happiness to the hearts of the boys and girls of Nomas Centre. The Centre’s first activity, in this context, will be entitled “Virtual Holiday Majlis” and will be held at exactly 07:00 in the morning on the first day of Eid. On the same day at exactly 04:00 in the afternoon, an activity entitled “Wishing you Happy Eid” will be held; both will be streaming live on social media platforms.
Dr. Haya Al-Madadi, Consultant to the Director of Nomas Centre, said that this year the Centre wanted to share children’s Eid joy in a different way that can be appropriate with current circumstances. She stressed that these days children need entertainment the most, given that this year, Eid coincides with home isolation, making it different from previous Eid holidays. She pointed out that, since the beginning of the crisis, the Centre has spared no effort as to taking all necessary safety measures during its activities that have recently depended on electronic social media. She also explained that the Centre continues to offer its programmes and workshops remotely, so that it can bring happiness to the hearts of children, while spreading reassurance and calm and contribute to providing applications that maintain public safety and prevent this epidemic. Al-Madadi added that in this context, the Centre has prepared a group of activities for girls and boys, as well as young people, who will have a Virtual Eid Majlis event, that will start on the first day of Eid at 07:00 am and lasts for one hour, finishing at exactly 08:00 am. This event will be a virtual online meeting for young people, in which cameras will focus on majalis (meetings) between these young people, trainers and Nomas Centre’s administrative. The activity aims at spreading joy and happiness among young people, given the circumstances. As for boys and girls, they will have a “wishing you Happy Eid” event, which will be live on the first day of Eid at 04:00pm till 05:30 pm. The activity will combine Eid joy and rewarding happiness. Al-Madadi noted that the activity will feature a group of segments, mixing fun with learning and education in order to achieve Nomas values. Boys will enjoy a variety of contests, the Nomas Consultant explained, such as Happy Eid, overnight box, equestrian, falconry and my land and sea home, in addition to various competitions and the introduction to phrases used in occasions. Girls’ activities also include a range of segments and contests, such as Happy Eid, Nomas, Folklore, wicker baskets and trays and sleeping box.