Qatar University Press presented an exceptional appearance with its distinguished works and various publications, which contribute to strengthening the distinguished academic scientific publishing industry at the local, regional and international levels, which occurred during its participation in the Amman International Fair in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in its edition this year, during the period from 21 to 30 of this September, coinciding with the State of Qatar being the guest of honor of the exhibition.

In this regard, Professor Dr. Fatima Al-Suwaidi/ Director of Qatar University Press, who was keen to represent the house in this cultural event, said: “Our participation in the Amman International Book Fair embodies an aspect of Qatar University’s vision and research strategies, aiming to enhance cooperation between cultural centers and scientific publishing houses in the region. Qatar University Press seeks to build bridges of cultural cooperation, especially in the field of the publishing industry, and aims to introduce the Arab and international public to the valuable scientific and research works produced by the house, and publications that express the authenticity and heritage of Qatari culture, enabling Arab culture to play its pivotal role among all human civilizations”.

She added: “The cultural scene that the house has achieved during the past short period of its life is moving according to a continuous upward trend, and it has produced writers and presented symbols who have an international resonance in the world of knowledge”.

She praised the efforts made to bring out the exhibition in a decent and distinctive manner, and praised the state of solidarity and cooperation between all parties, and the support provided by the Kingdom of Jordan to make the exhibition a success, and thanked the organizers.