The Qatar Poetry Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is launching a package of various events during the upcoming period, starting with the launch of a new version of its monthly competition, in which it began receiving applications for participation yesterday. The center continues to present its various events, as it returns in its new season with a different look after developing its programs that have been submitted online during the last period. The winners of “Diwan Al Arab” competitions enjoy participating in its various activities, in addition to being present on its digital platforms, which witness a great interaction on the part of its users, which reflects the convergence of their interests and talents, under the coverage offered by the Center through its various events, activities and competitions.

The Centre revealed that its new version of its monthly competition will be on “Love and cohesion of the Family,” which will be held in different languages, and each edition will be on a specific theme. General conditions have been established for participation in the new version. While the Arbitration Commission is set up in accordance with the universal language in which the competition is conducted each month, in cooperation with State-accredited embassies, the winner shall be announced at the end of each month, in this context, it is decided that requests for participation will be received until August 15, and the winner will be announced on August 25.

The competition invited Koreans residing in Qatar or Korea who wish to participate in it to write the aforementioned topic in poetry in four lines below the topic in the center’s account via “Instagram” app, and the center promoted the competition for this month in the Korean language, so that Korean poets can participate in a clear reflection of the universality of the competition.

The competition, entitled “Nazra,” in its current Korean version, is based on the fact that the Prize is local, Arab and global, and seeks to play a vital role in the dissemination of the noble values of local poetry globally, especially given its orientation at its current session in Korean language, as well as its local, Arab and global orientation, which reflects the openness of country poetry at the global level.