The Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum participates in the Ramadan Book Fair based on its vision of consolidating culture and enhancing the spirit of reading and reading among members of society, through the various cultural events offered by the forum’s pavilion that suit all segments of society, in addition to the forum’s keenness to develop the cultural and intellectual life of the state and society. The pavilion of the forum provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the literary and heritage works enjoyed by historical authors in Qatari society, and thus provide an opportunity for visitors to learn about the history and stages of the Qatari book industry. Besides, the forum’s pavilion also includes the latest cultural books offered by the publishing and distribution houses that are members of the forum, which amounted to 25 publishing and distribution houses. Furthermore, the forum also organizes, in cooperation with “Qatar Reads” Foundation and the Center for Visual Arts, cultural and religious activities for children. Mr. Riyad Ahmed Yassin, the Director of the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, expressed his happiness with the participation of the forum and the publishing and distribution houses that are members of the forum in this cultural event. He said that: The Forum’s pavilion and the pavilions of publishing and distribution houses provide various and varied events, which are unique in promoting Qatari culture.