Dr. Haya Al-Maadadi, advisor to the Nomas Centre, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, said that during the blessed Eidعl-Fitr festival, the centre presented three different activities with the aim of introducing joy to the children and sharing their joy of the feast. She further noted that the activities included the “Virtual Eid Council” event, a council that was opened for all Nomas departments, their families and children, and also to the children of Nomas, meaning that it is for the public and the Nomas family. The most important thing that distinguishes this council is that the children sit with their parents and brothers, and each council opened to the other, through screens. The meeting took place for an hour, and participants exchanged conversation and discussed among themselves. Some ideas and topics were presented, and it served as a Virtual Eid Council.
She pointed out that for the afternoon period two events were organized. Both bore the same name “from Eid celebrators and Winners.” An event was organized for girls and another for boys. They included programs and competitions in the presence of specialized trainers according to their specialties as well as the attendance of the children of Nomas and some of the deaf. She noted that it included the “Eid Mubarak” program, which include terms used for greeting and how to respond appropriately, to clarify the greeting and reply to it. The competition also included the meaning of the name Nomas, and information about sniping and birds such as falcons and their types, and some questions about that, as well as on parading, falconry, diving and equestrian. In addition, there was an event under the name “The Sliding Box”, which contained some items and tools which are displayed and questions are asked to be answered by Nomas’s affiliates.
“Praise be to God,” She continued, “the competitions witnessed a great interaction and turnout from the Nomas Centre. 5 people won and were presented with their prizes, which are Nomas Eid money.
As for the activities of Nomas female affiliates, Al-Modadi explained that events were attended by specialized trainers, each in his/her own program which also included the activity of “greeting” and “Nomas” and “what is in the Sliding Box.” There was also Al-Fala (traditional food), as well as competitions on the contents of Al-Fouala (traditional dish), explaining the components of the folk food. For example, what are the components of the “Al-Ballaleet” or the “Tabi” disc. We also have folk legacies that included some of the tools used at home, and some traditional clothes. About 8 girls won, and they were also presented with Nomas’s Eid money.
The Nomas Centre advisor confirmed that the goal of these activities is to share the joy of the feast with children, spend time with them, and open the door to the Nomas Council for the people of Qatar and the Nomas team to greet and discuss issues. She further noted that we should not allow the home quarantine to prevent us from communicating. The girls also displayed their clothes and costumes they were wearing in Eid, especially since this holiday is different and the children were unable to leave the house. They were therefore keen to organize activities on the first day of Eid, which led to the enjoyment of all the participants, coaches and affiliates, especially since they felt that they were shared this joy with the children, and to emphasize that Nomas is with them in every occasion. She added that the centre wanted this year to share the joy of children on Eid in a different way that is compatible with the current circumstances. She also stressed that children these days need the most to be entertained, and to work to bring happiness to their hearts in light of the home quarantine especially since the current circumstances make Eid this year different from any previous Eid.

“In this context,” she added “we have prepared some activities for girls and boys, as well as young people. Among the activities of the youth was the “Virtual Eid Council” event that was scheduled on the first day of Eid at seven in the morning and lasted for an hour.” She further noted that the event is a Virtual social networking meeting for youth directly via the Internet. Cameras focused on the councils that will bring together young people, coaches, and Nomas management in this virtual council with the aim of spreading joy and happiness in the current conditions.
About programs of the Nomas Centre after Eid, Dr. Al-Modadi said that they have after Eid many programs. all programs have have now been developed to become online, and the Centre has a project after Eid for Nomas graduates of the age group from 16 to 18 years. The program, “Qatari ambassadors of culture,” will start immediately after Eid. She further explained that the training of trainers program has also been completed and their performance developed with X Mobil. Work is currently taking place for the second row of trainers, who will cartry the flag from the existing trainers, and this is part of our new projects. There are in addition various programs for girls that keep pace with this development. The programs are broadcast online too.