As part of the ongoing efforts of Wijdan Cultural Center and its role in serving values, the Center held a remote training workshop entitled “Values Application Mechanisms, the Value of Mercy as an Example” on Monday, June 15, 2020, in partnership with New York Center for Nonviolent Communication. The workshop aimed at simplifying the value of nonviolent communication and the ways in which it can be activated as a value in the daily behavior of members of the community and its impact on them. The workshop was presented by Ms. Shahinaz Al-Hennawi, a certified trainer at New York Center for Nonviolent Communication and the founder of the Nonviolence Initiative. She is also an expert in teaching values. Wijdan Cultural Center staff and 25 educational experts in Qatar attended the workshop.
Nonviolent communication is an approach to explain the philosophy and modus operandi of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication and its founder, Mr. Thom Bond. Nonviolent communication is a field that is concerned with instilling the values of tolerance, nonviolence, and constructive communication in individuals and society. The Center has its distinct way of inculcating these values in the souls of trainees and participants.