Within the framework of the Doha International Book Fair, the Qatari Authors’ Forum organized yesterday the launching ceremony of the identity and membership in the presence of Mr. Hamad Al-Zukiba, Director of the Culture Department at the Qatar Ministry of Culture and Sports, and Ms. Maryam Al Hammadi, Director of the Qatari Authors’ Forum and a group of intellectuals and writers. During the ceremony, the forum identity and strategy were announced, requirements for membership were declared , and the strategic plan of the Qatari Authors’ Forum for the period of (2020-2025) was promulgated. This strategic plan is essential for the forum to start working in a systematic way that ensures the effective achievement of the main objectives, by means of establishing solid pillars to launch policies, cultural activities and events relevant to the authors “specially the writers” and their different interests.

The strategy is relied upon three key frameworks, i.e.: First: The Qatari Constitution in its Article No. 24 which provides for that: “ The State shall foster, preserve and help disseminate the sciences, arts and national cultural heritage, and shall encourage scientific research”; second: Qatar National Vision 2030, specifically within the social development and human development pillars and as to -in particular- the cultural and intellectual fields, and in terms of preserving Qatar’s heritage and promoting its Arab and Islamic identity; third: The National Development Strategy for the period of 2018-2022 with regard to the cultural and sports sector, which serves as a starting point for the cultural sector positive transformation; so that it is able to fulfill its mission of effectively and efficiently serving society, and extending support in the achievement of development, progress and prosperity, through an expedited development process, while preserving its identity and values derived from Islamic religion and its cultural heritage. In this connection, the strategy slogan was selected, which is “Unleash your Inner Creative Writer”, and give full rein to your mind creativity, your country flourishes.

The Forum aims at enhancing the authors’ cultural level, publishing members’ production in books and journals, encouraging the translation of good ones into all the World’s languages, promoting the transfer of the World Heritage to the Arabic language, cementing the relationships with Arab authors and federations, Arab and international writers and authors, strengthening the relationships between authors and coordinating their efforts, cultivating literary talents and developing their capabilities, promoting the cultural movement, coordinating efforts and attitudes with professional and cultural societies and federations existing in the State towards national issues, and devoting particular attention to literature, popular culture and relevant studies.

The Forum welcomes all Qatari writers and those residing in the territory of the State of Qatar, and declares that its membership is granted to Qatari or non-Qatari authors who have published books or are expected to write or publish books anytime in the near future in order to encourage them to be creative in the field of writing and authoring (memberships to be developed), in addition to that the Forum also offers an honorary membership to be determined under its criteria. The requirements imposed on this membership are to submit a CV, an ID card copy, and a personal photo. Moreover, the applicant shall have a minimum age of 18 years old, be of good conduct and reputation, and never have been convicted of a criminal offence or sentenced to imprisonment for an offence against honor or security, unless he has been officially rehabilitated. The applicant’s membership of any other centers, sports, cultural or social clubs must never have been previously revoked or dropped for disciplinary actions or reasons related to public morals, order, or the established traditions within the State, and shall further comply with the forum’s statue, internal regulations and commit to realizing its objectives.