Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab”, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, held a poetry evening, as part of the activities accompanying the thirty-second session of Doha International Book Fair.

Poets who participated in the evening are: Saeed Al Afeer, Hamad Jaber Al Jarhab, Hamed Al Medad, and they are the winning poets of the first three places in the “University Poet” competition in the Nabatean poetry branch, which concluded its stages last month.

During the evening session- which was presented by the journalist Atta Mohammad – the poets’ poems were dominated by patriotic poems, as the audience of the exhibition interacted with them, who were crowded on the sides of the main stage at Doha Book Fair.

The poet Hamed Al Medad read a patriotic poem, as part of his reading of three poems, which carried several topics that revolved around religion and the rainy season in the winter season. Afterwards, he thanked the “Diwan Al-Arab” Center for holding the “University Poet” competition, as it aims to enrich the cultural scene and produce poetic talents in the literary arena.

About his vision of Doha Book Fair, he described it as a great cultural event, and the distinction of its activities is beyond description, and that this is not surprising for the Ministry of Culture, which holds such large cultural events.

He also described the poetry evening as a wonderful artistic painting that reflects the talents and creativity of poets, especially the poets who won the “University Poet” competition.

For his part, poet Saeed Al Afeer recited a patriotic poem, which ignited the enthusiasm of the exhibition-goers, for which, he thanked Diwan Al-Arab for giving him the opportunity to participate in such an evening, and to meet the audience of the exhibition, with all its momentum, reflecting the audience’s desire to read more and acquire the book.

The Poet Saeed Al Afeer described such evenings as prompting the poet to continue composing poetry, pointing out to his keenness to visit Doha Book Fair every year, and to benefit from the knowledge it offers.

As for the poet Mohammad Jaber Al-Jarhab, he recited two poems entitled “The Buried Secret” and “The Future”, with the audience interacting with them, describing such evenings as very good, as they benefit the poets and the public at the same time, as well as all segments of the society.

This evening came in the wake of the evening organized by Diwan Al-Arab for the winning poets of the same competition in the classical poetry branch. The competition includes the two categories of poetry, “Al-Fasih (Eloquent) and Nabati”, within the framework of the Center’s keenness to enrich the poetic movement in the State of Qatar among students of universities and military and civil colleges, along with his support for poetic talents, and creating the appropriate literary atmosphere for poets to enrich the arena with their creations.

It is worth mentioning that the value of the competition prizes amounts to 180,000 Qatari Riyals, whereby the first-place winner in each category will be crowned with 50,000 Riyals, the second will receive 25,000 Riyals, and the third-place winner will receive 15,000 Riyals.