Yesterday, the Ministry of Culture announced the results of the second phase of the University Poet Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatar Poetry Center (Diwan Al Arab), in cooperation with the Student Activities Department at Qatar University and a number of civil and military universities and colleges. 24 poets qualified from the two categories, namely “Classical Arabic poetry” and “Nabati poetry”.

Poet Shabib bin Arar, Director of Qatar Poetry Center, expressed his satisfaction as the competition reached the end of its second phase, with 12 poets qualified for the Nabati poetry category, and 12 for the Classical Arabic category. He said that he was astonished at the distinguished literary level that poets showed in the Classical and Nabati categories. The poets qualifying for the next stage from different universities and colleges recited distinguished poems based on topics that promote many significant values. He pointed out that the competition promotes the art of poetry in terms of its topics and purposeful societal messages, which is line with the approach adopted by the Ministry of Culture. Bin Arar promised an exciting finale and outstanding poetic standard of the competition. He added that the participants in the competition will be ethics ambassadors and will be active in the future literary platforms. Diwan Al Arab will not stop supporting and encouraging them to be present in various forums and promote their artistic contribution, which benefits the community, uplifts its artistic taste and contributes to further raising community awareness.

The qualified poets in the Nabati category are Salem Muhammad Debian Al-Marri, Nasser Mubarak Al-Jahweel, Saeed Ali Amer Al-Dahabib, Masoud Ali Hamad Shafoul, Muhammad Jaber Hamad Al-Bahih, Abdul Rahman Salem Noman, Muhammad Nasser Al-Zaidan Al-Marri, Anan Amer Al-Dahabib, Fahd Jaber Mishaab, Issa Nasser Rashid Al Khalifa, Abdul Mohsen Ali Al Humimi, and Masoud Abdul Hadi Al Marri. The finalists in the Classical Arabic category are Saud Muhammad Saud, Muhammad Ali Ibrahim, Abdullah Ismail Ahmad, Taher Mukhtar Hassan, Ibrahim al-Hashemi, Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Yasser Arnous, Abu Bakr Ahmad Abaji, al-Amin Abu Bakr Swi, Adel Muhammad Abd al-Hamid, Abd al-Wadud Ida, Muhammad Najib Naasan al-Sayed and Hamad Mawlana Hafez Noor al-Haq.