Mr. Shabib Bin Arar Al-Nuaimi, Director of the Qatar Poetry Center affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, said that the current edition is the third edition of the “Poet of Universities” competition held by the Ministry of Culture -represented by the Qatar Poetry Center, after its two-year postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that the competition is based on outcomes and objectives, including being a platform to highlight poets, pointing out that the civil and military colleges and Qatar University are the main hosts of talented youth and creative minds. Mr. Al-Nuaimi, furthermore, explained that the Center involved all the colleges in the competition in addition to the military colleges in order to increase the quantity and partnerships, pointing out that the competition qualified excellent poets who were introduced to the poetic and literary scene. Mr. Al-Nuaimi also added that the Center wishes everyone success after the launch of the first stage of the competition, pointing out that the number of participating students is large, and the outputs of this competition will be disclosed to the community, because the winning poets will be hosted by us at the Ministry of Culture as part of the Qatar Poetry Center’s future activities. He, moreover, pointed out that the prizes will be 50,000 QR for the first place, 25,000 QR for the second place, and 15,000 QR for the third place in the two categories, Nabati and classical, i.e., there will be 6 winning poets at early March; occupying the first three places in each category. Finally, he noted that the jury consists of a group of renowned poets such as Mubarak Al-Khalifa, Ziyad Bin Croz, Lahdan Al-Kubaisi, Ali Al-Masoudi, and Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Sada.