The Music Affairs Center organized yesterday evening an event entitled “Soccer Chants” at the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the cultural activities of the Ministry held in conjunction with the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021, which is currently held in the State of Qatar.

The musical event was attended by a group of media professionals and artists led by Mr. Mubarak bin Nasser Al-Awami, Assistant Director of Qatar Television, and Ilham Badr, a media personality, among others. The participating artists entertained the audience with a variety of stimulating traditional and patriotic songs.

At the end of the event, Mr. Al-Awami expressed joy for attending such a distinguished event and stressed the fact that Qatar Television keeps up with, supports and covers these types of wonderful events.

He added: “We always strive to cover all events and activities organized by the Ministry of Culture because of their great importance and value, which enhances the existing cooperation between Television as a media organization and the Ministry of Culture as a supporter of creativity, and as contribution to the preservation of the great artistic and cultural heritage of the State of Qatar.”

The artistic evening included songs performed by singers from a number of Arab countries participating in the Arab Soccer Cup, namely Nasser Suhaim from Qatar, Amal Mohamed from Morocco, Ali Hamim from Iraq, Ahmed Anani from Egypt, Mohamed Barakat from Syria and Yusra Mohamed from Tunisia. Nasser Suhaim performed patriotic and sports songs entitled “Aṣl Al Wafa Mink,” “Sīrū wa ‘Ainu Allah Tar’ākum,” “’Ayni Qatar” and “Shūmī Lah,” while Amal Mohamed performed two traditional Moroccan songs entitled “Marsūl al Ḥub” and “Hā Ḥnā Gīnā.”

The audience was also entertained by Ali Hamim who performed two traditional Iraqi songs entitled “Jana, Jana” and “Fawq an-Nakhīl,” while Ahmed Anani sang “Qāri’atu Alfinjān” and “Yā Ḥabībatī yā Maṣr” and Mohamed Barakat sang “Qadak al Mayās ya Māl Shām” and “Zeinu al Marja.”

The event, which was moderated by the journalist Adel Abdullah and attended by a number of intellectuals, media professionals and artists, ended with the performance of the songs of Yusra Mohamed “Ahīm bi Tunis al Khaḍrā” and “Al ‘Ayn li Matshūfkshi.”

Mr. Khaled Al-Salem, Director of the Music Affairs Center, said: “The Arab Soccer Cup is an occasion for celebrating Arab sports, and the Ministry of Culture wanted to share in this joy through cultural centers which hosted poetry, theater and music events. The Music Affairs Center presented such events as soccer chants, through which we tried to highlight the gifts of Arab artists as discovered by the Center from among the residents of Qatar; so, a singer was chosen from each country to perform representative national songs to make of this an artistic Arab gathering.”