A workshop for making tweezers dolls was held at the Children’s Theater in Darb Al-Saai yesterday, which witnessed a great turnout from children and their families to learn about the methods of making tweezers dolls.
The workshop was presented by a group of trainers specialized in making puppets.
For her part, Sama Al-Zaher, a manufacturer and a puppeteer at the Center for Theater Affairs, who is in charge of the workshop, said that the workshop aims at opening children’s eyes to the way in which they can be innovative using simple materials found in every home, including “Tweezers” as they are available in every home, in addition to other materials such as cardboard and others, and therefore they can create dolls for animals, for example, using these materials.
She pointed out that when children read a story, for example, they can design dolls that resemble the animals in this story and play with them, and thus we have been able to develop children’s talents so that they are innovative and at the same time open the eyes of parents to the importance of creating an environment for children away from iPads, phones and other electronic devices and reduce stress. damage to those devices.
Al-Zaher explained that there are (11) puppet workshops that will be presented in Darb Al Saai, and each workshop will be of specific materials, all of which are simple materials available in homes.
She said that they teach the children how to make these dolls completely and how they can make the dolls move and make sounds, because every child usually has an imaginary friend.