Library of Al Jesra Cultural and Social Club added huge volumes of major cultural periodicals such as Al- Mustaqbal Al-Arabi, Palestinian Affairs, diaries and documents of Arab Unity and the Artistic Encyclopedia of Islam in Iran to its stock of treasures of human knowledge.


In this context, Ibrahim Khalil Al Jaidah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Jesra Club, expressed his happiness and pride in this qualitative addition stressing the interest of the club’s management, since its establishment, to give the book and the library special attention, by providing means to enrich the club’s library with intellectual, cultural and artistic production represented in its publications such as books, magazines, periodicals and providing its shelves with qualitative and quantitative production of presses and publishing houses including intellectual, knowledge, Arab and human cultural production in the fields of philosophy, theoretical and applied sciences, arts, heritage and history led by the references of the great nation represented in the Holy Qur’an, interpretations, studies and researches related to it and the purified Sunnah, jurisprudence in addition to Arabic heritage represented in mothers of books in knowledge, arts and ethics of language.


Modern knowledge in all sciences and arts of the era takes a distinguished position in the library especially those related to the revolution of knowledge, technology and communications and the associated social networks and platforms in addition to intellectual monuments in the field of geography, history and translations including the Dictionary of Countries (Mojam Al Boldan) prepared by Yakut Al-Hamawi, the dictionary of general history of civilizations and dictionary of the deaths of prominent persons prepared by Ibn Khalkan.


The major encyclopedias are represented in The Encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century, The International Arab Encyclopedia, The British Encyclopedia and the Arab Environmental Encyclopedia. They illuminate many worlds and answer many questions.


You should be proud of the treasures of Islamic knowledge such as Revival of Religious Sciences, The Meccan Conquests, The Collector of the Provisions of Qur’an, Interpretation of Jalalin, Fath Al Bari, Gamee Al Osul, Sunan Abi Dawood, Feqh Al Sunnah, Al Bayan fi Al Tahseel of Ibn Rushd and other great treasures.


From the Qatari creativity in the past and the present, the library celebrates the works of its symbols such as the works of Saleh Bin Sultan Al-Kuwari, Hamed Bin Mayqa Al-Ahbabi and selections of poems of Bin Afisha and others.


The library offers its visitors a wide range of modern literary, intellectual and artistic productions in the arts of poetry, literature, novel, cinema, plastic arts and music which provides the researcher and reader with a rich balance of knowledge that satisfies his various needs and answers his questions in various branches of knowledge.