The Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Youth Affairs Department, in cooperation with the Shura Council, organized a simulation of the Shura Council sessions, yesterday at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and will continue over two days, 11 and 12 March. 16 Qatari youths of both sexes participated in the session.

At the beginning of the sessions, the role of the members of the Shura Council and the management of its meetings were recognized, and the youth involved performed proactive rehearsals during which they performed the oath.

The Chairman of the Legal Affairs Section of the Shura Council for Meetings, Mohamed Khaled Al-Sada, made some remarks that contributed to the modification of some of the observations made by the young participants. The aim of the launch of these meetings is to inform young people of the role and importance of the Shura Council.

The event witnessed a wide participation of young people of both sexes who were trained during the last period by Mr. Muhammad Al-Sada, Head of the Legal Affairs Department of the Shura Council, in order to introduce them to the role of the Council and the importance of positive participation in selecting its members.

Training on council duties

The youth participating in the event were also trained in a practical way to practice the tasks and competencies carried out by the council, whether in terms of legislation or oversight, in addition to identifying the procedural aspects related to the election of the council president and his deputies and the formation of committees, in addition to educating young people and urging them to participate positively in the elections, whether by voting Or candidacy and introduce him to the newly issued laws related to the elections of the Council.

The event comes within the framework of the continuous support by the Ministry of Culture and Sports for all events and activities that are held in the country, if the ministry deems it necessary to interact with these important national developments. The historical experience that the country is going through, and a desire to convey the voice of the youth as the societal force capable of positive change.

Maha Al-Rumaihi: A vital role for young people in all historical stages

Maha Al-Rumaihi, Director of the Youth Affairs Department, said: We believe that it is necessary for us in the Ministry of Culture and Sports in general to react with important national developments, explaining that the event is held out of their belief in the Youth Affairs Department of the important role that young people play in all the historical stations that the country is going through. And a desire to convey the voice of young people as the societal force capable of positive change.

She pointed out that their move to organize this event came also due to their awareness of the importance of youth presence in important national events, and their reliable responsibilities to participate by selecting an efficient council capable of meeting the requirements of the phase based on their awareness of the need to select the best qualified candidates for the role.

Muhammad Al-Sada: Introduction to the legislative and executive role.

Muhammad Khaled Al-Sada, Head of Legal Affairs in the Shura Council, said: The role of jurists in the General Secretariat of the Shura Council is to pay attention to the legal form of holding sessions, which means the completion of the legal quorum, the management of sessions to and from, and purely technical assistance related to the legal aspect, whether a member’s inquiry into a specific article in the law or A specific procedure in the law…etc.

She pointed out that the inherent tasks of the simulation were to sensitize society to the significant events taking place in the society, including the first-time elections for the Shura Council and the need to accompany it with awareness-raising campaigns by such important stakeholders as the Ministry of Culture and Sports, whose work had raised awareness of the role of the Shura Council in society.

He added: The trend was to select a group of young people of both sexes to participate in this simulation and to train them for four months in workshops evolving around the importance of the Council.

He pointed out that the opening of the sessions begins with the performance of the oath, which is one of the very important formalities that focus on the role of the member, because the role of each member is primarily the development of society and the communication of problems facing the citizen, and through his membership in the Council helps the government, explaining that the primary goal of the simulation is to convey the image that the authority The legislature must cooperate with the executive authority, meaning that the Shura Council is responsible for the legislation and the executive authority.

Nasser Al – Jabri: Awareness-raising on how to select the President and Vice-President

The mechanism and methods for electing the President and Vice-President and how to vote on the decisions and laws that are legislated were identified during the meetings.

Al-Jabri added that the aim of holding these sessions is to familiarize young people with the importance of their role and participation in the elections, pointing out that the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been interested in the issue of elections for a long time and has sent awareness messages to young people interested in the elections and their concept, by involving them in pre-elections beginning with the selection of committee members Consultancy until the elections of the youth centers in which they participated and chose their representatives as heads of those centers

He explained: The Ministry has selected a group of Qatari youth to participate in the simulation sessions organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in cooperation with the Shura Council, in order to train and involve them in these sessions and the Simulation Department where young people are allowed to participate in the experience of members of the Shura Council, by selecting members, voting for the proposed laws, and expressing their opinions and observations. This is a youth contribution that qualifies them to participate in the Shura Council elections that will be held during the month of October.

Sarah Al-Dehimi: My participation in the experience

Sarah Al – Dehimi stressed that her participation in simulating the meetings of the Consultative Council was aimed at taking the experience of the members dealing with the Consultative Council after their election, and how to vote on the laws legislated in the Consultative Council. Pointing out that the issuance of laws goes through several stages, including voting by members of the Shura Council, who bear the responsibility of the people and the results of these decisions and laws that require collective participation for adoption and implementation in the state.

She stated that she had begun her participation in those meetings as a member and was thus nominated as Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee, noting that carrying out such functions, specifically after taking the oath, felt fully responsible, and felt that in that place to represent the people and make their voices known, that experience had increased her legal experience by virtue of her university specialization in law.

Ahmed Al-Muhanadi: I had the opportunity to know about the role of the Shura Council

Ahmed Al-Muhanadi thanked the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Shura Council for giving them the opportunity to participate in such sessions and providing them to Qatari youth, which educates young people about the role of the elected Shura Council, pointing out that he learned many new issues related to the Shura Council.

He noted that The program had added a great deal of information, including the various measures taking place within the Consultative Council, the role of the Council and the voting mechanism, and the role of the Council in the State and in communicating the voice of citizens. He also had the opportunity ti learn about  the oath-taking mechanism, which is considered a great responsibility that the state entrusts to the members of the Council, and each member must abide by what was stated in the oath, abide by the laws, and work to find solutions and address the problems facing citizens.

Abdul Jalil Al Shammari: Simulation is a new experience

Abdul Jalil Al-Shammari said that simulating the sessions of the Shura Council contributed to educating young people and familiarizing them with the role of the Shura Council and ways to legislate and vote on laws, considering it a new experience that he experienced for the first time, as he held the position of Secretary-General in the Council.

He pointed out that he learned about many things related to the Shura Council, including how to register and run for office, and the related legal procedures.

He continued, “Through these sessions, we realized the importance of the Shura Council, which has a major role in serving the state and citizens.”