Theatrical performances that were presented in Darb Al Saai witnessed a great turnout, as they received many praises from the audience, who were impressed by the artistic level that characterized the performances of the paintings in the operetta, and the topics presented, and they said that it was characterized by the fact that it came to express the local culture with a human character that contains many One of the values ​​and messages that were sent in an artistic way is far from direct indoctrination that the theater should not know, and they affirmed in press statements that they were keen to make their children watch the theater performances presented within the activities of Darb Al Saai, after those performances became famous from those who had previously seen them since the first days of the activities of Darb Al Saai.

Walid Al-Sayed said that the operetta, inspired by the heritage and presented by a group of children, added a special flavor to the events, as it was characterized by dazzling performances and a musical vision that expresses the local heritage. He is looking forward to getting to know the culture of the host country. Al-Sayyed praised also the children’s play World 2030, which he described as wrapped in many messages that would teach children the value of work and self-belief on their way to achieving their dreams.

Abdul Rahman Jassim confirmed that the space that was allocated for making puppets was able to achieve an important attraction for children looking forward to interactive participation, as they learned a lot of skills related to puppet arts, stressing that holding such creative workshops reveals to children themselves the talents that may be latent within them, and educates parents matters with the capabilities of their children.

Among the crowds that met the main survey, is the play “The World Cup Journey”, which tells about the journey of a child with her puppet friends, as they seek to reach the opening match of the World Cup and watch the national team, as they travel on a journey with child spectators from one stadium to another of the eight World Cup stadiums. Through the presentation, indirect information was provided about the aesthetics of these stadiums, their design, the history of the stadium, and the number of fans it accommodates. The theatrical show “Achieving Your Dream” was also able to win the admiration of the audience, as it shows through the show the family’s support for the aspiration of its children.