A lecture entitled “Towards a Knowledge-Loving Society” was given yesterday as part of the activities of Al-Jasra Cultural Salon at Doha International Book Fair, during which four steps and guidelines were presented to make young people love science. This included the necessity of linking knowledge to the challenges of reality by using the “stem model,” with emphasis on the importance of encouraging young people to learn science and revitalization of the role of knowledge societies, in addition to the need to build media and cultural strategies aligned with the spirit of knowledge and scholarship.

The lecture, presented by Mr. Yasser Al-Gharabawi, a researcher at the Wijdan Cultural Center of the Ministry of Culture, touched on the importance of knowledge and its value for both the individual and society.

Al-Gharabawi said: “The lecture shows that the relationship that ties parents, children, and teachers to knowledge still requires a new approach, which makes our children more attracted to schools and libraries, which is a thought-provoking process, noting that he tried to clarify his point of view that knowledge and learning is a path or a journey that does not start and end overnight; rather, it requires the effort of every parent and teacher through stories, art, and drama, until we succeed in changing our relationship with knowledge and learning to a better degree that makes of us productive societies, and accordingly we can contribute to the creation of a better future.”