At a ceremony via “Zoom” platform, bringing together all parties responsible for the event, sponsoring and supporting institutions, coaches and volunteers, TOMOH for Voluntary Work Management concluded the “Communication Will Continue” campaign.
Representative of MCS- Youth Affairs Department, Ms. Ashwaq Al Khalifa, expressed her great happiness in campaign’s outputs as well goals and participants’ individual skill development produced by it within the community.
She affirmed that promotion of values of teamwork by TOMOH was in the interest of inspiration, calling for devoting voluntary work, despite distances, and enhancing all institutions’ engagement with each other. They should take TOMOH Foundation, which has become a beacon for volunteering and community service in the State of Qatar, as their role model.
For her part, Dr. Haya Al-Maadadi stressed the importance of societal initiatives, led by TOMOH Foundation within the Qatari community, to raise the level of community and volunteer work during Coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the world since the end of 2019.
“About 32 government and private agencies interacted with the campaign. They expressed their willingness to work with team spirit. Its results were on three levels, namely innovative awareness,” said Mr. Nasser Al-Mughaisib, Director of TOMOH for Voluntary Work Management.
For his part, Leadership Training Instructor and Researcher, Mr. Hussein Habib El-Sayed, stressed that the concerted efforts between trainees and workers in “Communication Will Continue” campaign opened new horizons for cooperation.