The candidacy for Al-Khor SC elections are to close at 8 pm today. It was extended due to lack of candidates  the first time since Muhammad Mubarak Al-Muhannadi’s list was excluded while Ghanem Abdullah Al-Muhannadi’s was withdrawn. In the past few days many names were mentioned as potential candidates. But what is certain is that the whole picture will not become clear until the candidacy closes this evening. Al-Raya Sports News mentioned six figures entitled to run for the position of president of Al-Khor SC according to the documents and conditions specified by regulations. These are Ahmed Muhammad Al-Emadi, Abdul-Latif Hilal Al-Muhannadi, Muhammad Jum’ah Al-Hassan Al-Muhannadi, Khalifa Ali Al-Muhannadi, Nasser Thamer Al-Hamidi and Rashid Abdul-Latif Al-Muhannadi, who, are all members of the Club’s GA. Khalifa Ali Saleh Al-Mohannadi announced his candidacy for the presidency to join the nominees whose names have been mentioned recently. Khalifa Ali Saleh is not a stranger to the club, as he has been the president of swimming association for a long time, and his presence in the five-member committee makes him close to the club’s management.
News from the Club indicates that the last hours may witness the nomination of two lists; the first is that of Khalifa Ali Saleh and the second is that of Abdul Latif Hilal Al-Muhannadi as president. Al-Muhannadi unofficially confirmed his intention to run for elections. Therefore, the last hours shall settle the debate and determine where Al- Khor elections are going, especially since lack of candidates will lead the club towards appointing a committee for management oversight, which is a move rejected by most of the club’s GA Members.