Akkas Photography Center of the Ministry of Culture is organizing the Photo Forum 2022, over two days at the Katara Cultural Village Foundation.

The Photo Forum offers a set of art workshops led by a number of photography artists and trainers. On the first day, a number of workshops will be held, chief of which are: “The Magic of Lighting in Car Photography” by Ali Al-Karbi, “The Art of Cinematography” by Yasser Al-Nuaimi, “Mobile Photography for Girls” by Fatima Al-Ali, “Creative Mobile Video Shooting” by Issa Al-Jamali, and “Basics of Video Shooting” by Mohamed Adel.

The art workshops continue on the second day, chief of which are “From Photographer to Trainer” by Dr. Haya Al-Maadadi, “Abstraction: a Look and Meaning” by Khalifa Al-Obaidly, “Beyond Light” by Fahd Al-Kaabi, “Basics of Jewelry Photography” by Abdul Rahman Shehab, “iPad Photography for Children” by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Muhammad, “Portraiture with Speed ​​Light”, by Abdullah Al-Mannai, “Safari Photography” by Muhammad Al-Shaabi, “Movie Clip Sizes” by Salah Al-Marri, and “Documentation in the Humanitarian Field”, in cooperation with Qatar Charity, by Asmaa Al-Hammadi, Hayat Al-Yamani, Ahmed Abdullah and Turki Al-Sheeb.

The Photo Forum celebrates Qatar Photography Day, which falls on the first Saturday of March of each year, to promote and develop the hobby of photography in the State of Qatar, since this day was approved by the Ministry of Culture in 2020.

It is worth noting that Akkas Photography Center is one of the cultural centers affiliated to the Ministry of Culture. It is entrusted with developing the photographic movement in the country to discover the creative talents among Qatari youth in this field through courses, workshops, competitions and photographic exhibitions offered by the Center throughout the year. It also encourages photographers, build their capacities, and develop their artistic competence in the field of photography.