The Mesaimeer Sports SC will hold its RGA today at the SC’sheadquarters in an attendance methode, in accordance with the precautionary measures set by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in coordination with Mesaimeer Sports Club.
The GA will officially recommend Abdul Rahman Al-Shathry as president of the SC in the new 2020/ 2024 elections round and Youssef Muhammad Yusef Al-Mani as vice president. The nomination for the positions of President and Vice President was concluded with Al-Shethri’s list as the only one submitted.
The GA will discuss the team’s conditions and the efforts exerted administratively and technically to achieve the goal of rising to the first division, as Mesaimeer’s team still has the opportunity to achieve that goal through third- section matches.
The GA will consider many items, most notably the endorsement of the Board report on the sporting activity for the season ending and the final financial statement approval. The auditor will present his report on the financial position of the SC for the season ending. Moreover, other common GA topics will also be discussed.