Presidency elections of Alreyada Girls Center launched and three girls are nominated to occupy the position of president of the center. They are Al-Anoud Khalil Al-Shahwani, Najla Ali Al-Hajri and Fatima Abdullah Al-Ali. The nominee for the position of the vice president is Noura Fahad Al- Hajri. This came after the center was able to lay the basic pillars and prepare a new generation of youth to presidency of the center to be active members in the society.


According to the direction of the Ministry of Culture and Sports that Alreyada Center affiliates to, investment in young people, refining their talents, developing their skills and preparing them to be futures leaders in various bodies of the State especially youth centers are from the main objectives of the Ministry. Since it was established in 2016 by the decision of the Minister, Alreyada Girls Center has fulfilled many achievements and aims it aspires to as these aims are represented in sound preparation of girls in all aspect, training them to assume responsibility, training and providing them with various necessary skills in addition to other aims.


Ms. Fatima Al-Ali, the nominee for the position of the president said that according to the direction of the Ministry to activate general assemblies in Youth Centers and to adopt the election mechanism as a primary means, it was announced that the membership will be available to join the general assembly of Alreyada Girls Center which qualifies them to be nominated for the position of the president and vice president. She added that she chose the slogan “Youth is the Fuel of the Future” as a title for her electoral campaign. Her campaign includes a clear vision that aims at investing in the State’s most valuable resources represented in youth to support Qatar’s Vision 2030 as it is a message that enhances the role of girls in society.


Najla Al-Hajri said that the goal of nomination for the position of the president is that the young people choose their representatives in youth centers including girls centers, creating a conscious young generation capable of leadership in various fields according to vision and direction of the Ministry of Culture and Sports as aims of the Ministry include caring for youth and qualifying them to be future leaders. Therefore, election is an opportunity for young people to be leaders of youth centers after preparing and training them within plans and programs of youth centers.


She said that the elections are a new experience for her and she will work through it to achieve aspirations and ambitions of girls indicating that this first experience of its kind in the State will enable young people take the leadership of youth centers because they are the closest to young people and this will share in development of these centers and diversity in events and activities.


Al-Anoud Khalil Al-Shahwani said that her experience and career path at Alreyada Girls Center went through several stages. She explained that her electoral program expresses board lines and major directions of the program to be implemented during 2022-2026 at Alreyada Girls Center. It is divided into five major elements. They are administrative, financial, technical and strategic aspect in addition to openness and cooperation.


Noura Fahd Al-Hajri, nominee for the position of the vice president, said that she is one of the first employees who worked in Alreyada Girls Center since its establishment as she held the position of Head of activities and programs department, Head of Initiatives and Programs Department, member of the Center Management, member of brainstorming and designing appropriate strategies for all internal and external participations in addition to the fact that she is the owner of the idea, preparation and implementation of Amjad Qatar Operetta. Also, she participated in preparation of Darb Al-Saai operetta in the State of Kuwait. She said that she had experience and competence in youth field which encouraged her to join elections. She revealed her plan followed to develop Alreyada Girls Center including establishment of Girls Advisory Council to allow them to participate in the development of plans and strategies of the center.