In a live streaming broadcasted via the Qatari Authors’ Forum YouTube channel and through its Social Media sites on Wednesday evening, Journalist and Media Professional  Ms. Buthaina Abdul Jalil provided a brief review of Qatari press in order to monitor the most important current matters and concerns dealt with by Qatari opinion columnists.
This streaming titled “Reflections on our Life” tackled numerous issues covering all facets of life. Ms. Buthaina started this brief review with a sports concern about the 2022 FIFA World Cup, shedding light on the article written by Ahmed Al-Mohannadi in Al-Sharq newspaper entitled “The One O’clock Match”. Al-Mohannadi raised a question on everyone’s mind which is related to the matches timing during the World Cup. He also expressed his own opinion about the first match timing considering it inadequate and asked for changing the same to be scheduled at seven o’clock evening in order to be more interesting and remarkable. Then, Ms. Buthaina drew the attention to another sports article written by Dr. Rabiah Sabah Al-Kuwari entitled “History is the Best Witness” through which he commended Sheikh Suhaim bin Hamad Al Thani, Founder and Spiritual Leader of Qatar Sports Club, pointing out that Sheikh Suhaim will provide significant contributions to the Club’s success and expressing his optimism that these contributions will be extended to include the revival of its glories.

In a different context, she touched on certain social issues of concern dealt with in this week’s articles, the first of which is the article written by Ms. Naima Al-Mutawa and published in Al-Sharq newspaper under the title “We refuse Indecencies”. Ms. Naima was of the opinion that all citizens and residents have the right to enjoy the beaches, in particular during summer season,  without having to be exposed to others’ immodest behaviours. She also expressed her rejection of all such behaviours and called for adhering to the modest appearance in public places and malls, as well as observing the State’s customs and traditions. Then, she embarked upon an article on the State of Qatar written by Dr. Ahmed Al-Qudaidi in Al-Sharq newspaper under the title “O my Lord! make this city one of peace and security” in which he praised the State of Qatar’s first ranking out of 133 countries around the world in the field of social security.  This lies in the fact that it is considered away from organized crime. The writer considered that this achievement is attributed to its previously reached positions from 2015 to 2019, which shows its preservation on the same place in this field at both the Arab and international levels.
In the same context and in connection with the impact of security on the economy and investment indexes, Mr. Ali Behzad wrote an article in Al-Sharq entitled “Coronavirus promotes Investment”. This article tackled that the economy will recover from the Coronavirus crisis, pointing out various promising sectors for investment, including health sector especially after recognizing and paying attention to its great significance worldwide in containing and preventing the spread of viruses. Furthermore, he commended the State’s efforts exerted  with the aim of providing opportunities for local investors calling them for taking these  opportunities.
In the  same connection, Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Ansari wrote an article in Al-Watan newspaper entitled “Diversification of Sources of Income”, stressing that among the lesson learned as a result of the Coronavirus crisis is that GCC States should reconsider the future of the oil revenues -based economy, as well as the oil-based production growth pattern relying primarily on Qatari citizens then employing highly qualified workers in lieu of unqualified ones in terms of health, education and salaries.
As for the social aspect, Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Fakhro wrote  an article entitled “Let’s be Kind to our Kids”, in which he addressed the Coronavirus consequences on children.  Dr. Abd Al-Nasser described it as a hard experience entailing a positive aspect being a chance to appreciate the school and social life and increase interaction and group activities between family members, commending Qatari citizens’ awareness, their adherence to preventive measures and voluntary quarantine and their guidance to children to do the same. Ms. Buthaina concluded this brief review with an article written by Mr. Yaqoub Al-Obaidli published in Al-Watan newspaper entitled “Treat your Husband Well”. Mr. Yaqoub started his article stating “I do not stand against women”, detailing some women unjustified and illogical behaviours that would make men reluctant to stay at home trying to find ease in somewhere else. Mr. Yaqoub also directed his speech to all working wives to make every effort in order to cover the gap caused by passing the majority of time in work through giving their husbands and children more attention and care so as to prevent men from resorting to another non-working wives, in his words.
It is recalled that “Thoughts in a Week” was initiated simultaneously with the launch of the Campaign ““Unleash your Inner Creative Writer” at the beginning of the current month of July. The first episode was embarked upon the topic of “the Gradual Restoration of Normal Life”, while the second episode focused on ethical and societal values and principles. In the third week of the month, the episode was regarding “Safety and Security”. Moreover,  it is scheduled that “Thoughts in a Week” will continue until the end of July and throughout the month of August.