The Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab”, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, announced the names of the poets who qualified for the second phase of the ” Poet of Universities- 2022″ competition, which is organized by the Center and open for all civil and military universities and colleges in the State of Qatar.

The Center stated on its digital platforms yesterday that the finalists in the “Nabati” (vernacular) poetry are: Fahad Jaber Mishaab Al-Marri, Anan Amer Al-Dahabib, Abdullah Aaqeb Abdullah Al-Soufi, Zayed Ali Tarjam Al-Sahli, Mubarak Hamad Al-Qamra Al-Thabet, Massoud Abdul-Hadi Al-Marri, Saeed Ali Al-Dahbib, Salem Mohammed Dhiban Al-Marri, Mohammed Nasser Al-Zabadan Al-Marri, Masoud Ali Shafoul, Nasser Mubarak Al-Jahaweel, Abdul Hadi Mohammed Al-Kubaisi. Abdul-Mohsen Ali Al-Hamimi, Abdullah Mohammed Salem Al-Omar, Mohammed Jaber Hamad Al-Marri, and Abdul Rahman Salem Numan. While in the standard Arabic poetry category (classical), the following are qualified: Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, Zahir Mukhtar Hassan, Abdul Malik Mohsen Qaid Rabeh, Al-Amin Abu Bakr Sawi, Adel Mohammed Abdul Hamid, Hamad Maulana Hafez Nur Al-Haq, Abu Bakr Ahmad Abbaji, Moamen Abdul Qadir Al-Khatib Abdul Rahman Mohammed Yasser Arnous, Abdul-Wadud Idah , Mohammed Najeeb Naasan al-Sayyid, Syed Mohammed Salih, Saud Mohammed Saud, and Ibrahim Al-Hashimi.

This stage followed the one in which 90 participants were nominated for the competition. Meanwhile, poets were qualified after passing the preliminaries which witnessed a great turnout from the participants belonging to all universities. The competition will continue towards its four stages until the end of the present month.

For their part, the poets who managed to qualify for the next stage of the “Poet of Universities” expressed their great happiness to participate in this competition, based on its goals that seek to develop, support, and embrace talent to feature on various platforms interested in poetry in the State of Qatar; through the “Diwan Al-Arab” Center. Mr. Abdullah Hamed Al-Mulla, Director of Student Activities Department at Qatar University, had previously affirmed his support for the competition which targets university students and contributes effectively to developing and honing the poetic talents and skills of university students, especially since poetry is one of the Arab literary legacies that is part of the cultural identity of the State of Qatar. He expressed his happiness to cooperate with the Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab” to host such a remarkable event at the level of universities in the country, and said: “Our role as educational institutions is to cooperate with the State’s cultural institutions to provide such rich opportunities for our youth and encourage them to contribute to the literary and cultural fields.”

For his part, Poet Shabib Bin Arar Al-Nuaimi, Director of Diwan Al-Arab, said: “The Center at the Ministry of Culture announced the launch of the third edition of the “Poet of Universities” competition, in cooperation with Qatar University, to add this competition to the poetry initiatives through which the Center seeks to develop poetic talent among the various groups of our society.”