In a new episode of the “Think and Thinkers” program, Mr. Saud Al-Dulaimi interviewed Dr. Ibrahim Hernández, President of the Islamic Center in Seville, in which Hernandez spoke about his upbringing, as well as on many other topics, including the role and importance of the Islamic Center in Seville, he also talked about other Islamic centers in Spain.


Hernandez said: The first thing that comes to my mind about Qatar is football and Qatar’s organization of the 2022 World Cup, as well as through charities, and the support they provide and the many works they do in relation to their goals and what they were established for.


He identified himself saying: I am a Spanish Muslim and I am not of immigrant origin, I was born in Spain and this means that my family, my father, my mother and my grandparents are all from Spain, and my parents converted to Islam about 40 to 50 years ago before they got married and it is clear that I was born a Muslim so I was born in Spain as a Muslim child in Muslim family.


He pointed out that his current goal is to establish the Islamic Cultural Center on the model of a similar project or institution in Turkey, which was called the Emirate which is a social service place where clinics were located, as well as a place to feed the poor. He called on Muslims to become more integrated into society, to take care of the people around them in society and to follow the example of the most gracious prophet who cared for his neighbors.


He also addressed the importance of delivering the Friday sermon in Spanish because there are new Muslims who do not understand Arabic at all, who must feel that they are part of Islam that they need to understand, stressing the need for Muslims to learn the local language so that they can transmit Islam and live through it in this language.


The Qatar Forum for Authors expressed its appreciation for the efforts made in the service of communities, where good work is not limited to worship and devotion, but goes beyond work of all kinds to the benefit of the people. The Forum referred to work in accordance with all the responsibilities and duties of the individual, that turns to a trust for which he’s held accountable.