Actor Fahd Al-Baker announced the formation of a “Theater Club” involving a group of amateurs from different Arab countries, who are training together through a number of workshops via several social media platforms, such as Club House and Telegram. He confirmed that his project, which he had started a while ago, took a new direction after it won the praise of many Arab theaters, which made it enjoy great fame and popularity, as it began to be more popular in the Arabic scene. Moreover, Al-Baker indicated that he went through that experience after noting the great importance of social networking sites in attracting the audience of the theater and cinema, and hence his decision has targeted such sites and began to work on making the arts of theater and drama “practically” available among the users of these sites.

In addition, actor Fahd Al-Baker said: “The performing arts scene needs the kind of self-help efforts that contribute to the development of artistic cadres, and communication between the creative talents of the Arab world.” He explained that after being able to present a number of theatrical works during the past period through these sites, he wanted to coincide with the process of creativity a theoretical aspect that works to improve artistic awareness and spread the culture of theater. Hence, he held critical intellectual sessions in line with the wake of theatrical performances in the presence of a number of renowned Arab theatrical critics, in order to discuss the plays critically, provide many artistic issues, and educate people on the world of theater. He also pointed out that the workshops he offers always result in theatrical performances that are archived and saved as artistic and cultural content via more than one digital media, which are works of art of a special nature, as they allow the listener to imagine the shape of the stage and feel the space and time, while traveling in a world of imagination that is made by the magic of the stage, and intersects with the method and style of radio drama.

Al-Baker, moreover, explained that among the most prominent works that have been previously presented by the “Theater Club” are plays entitled “The Elephant, O King of Time”, and “The Game of Death”. Each was presented over nearly 15 days. He confirmed that in the current period his theater team is preparing to present the global audio- theatrical work “Blood Wedding” authored by the Spanish writer Garcia Lorca, in addition to a performance targeting the children category by writer Lamia Mohamed, entitled “Me and the Book”.

In addition, Al-Baker explained that the workshops that he offers through the Theater Club contain both theoretical and practical aspects, noting that the theoretical aspect is during which many information is provided about the theater and its various elements, as well as enriching the attendees with the culture of theater about the emergence of the art of theater, and then about the beliefs of the Greeks, especially in the book of Iliad and Odessa, as well as about the renowned writers of the Greek theater such as: Esgelios, Sofocles, Eurpides, the author of “The Comedy” Aristophanes, with a review of Aristotle’s “Art of Poetry,” and analyses of Greek texts such as “Oedipus the King”, “Agamemnon”, and also talking about the nature of theater in the East, with a review of many examples, such as Mahabarta, Katkali, Kabuki, and Noh, and many different topics, theater types, and schools.

Al-Baker concluded that he sometimes devotes times to talking about the ethics of the actor in a way that benefits the trainees in the art of theater and the method of interaction through collective work. On the practical side, he explained that the offered workshops target strengthening the actor’s performing qualities. Hence, the focus is initially on speech styles and words pronunciation, then improvisation, and then the trainees read the text to de-construct its structure and identify its theme as well as its characters and their relationship with other characters.