The Ministry of Culture’s Theater Affairs Center held two theater productions as part of its contributions to the Doha International Book Fair.

Artistic Director Rima Bahzat explained that the center staged two plays at the fair: Make Your Dream Come True and The Time Machine.

The first play, Make Your Dream Come True, tells the story of a little bird learning to fly. It shows the help and encouragement of his parents and his friend the goat. It also shows a weasel trying to trick him. Through experience and perseverance, the little bird finally succeeds.

Bahzat added that the play is written in away that address young and adult audiences alike, as it focuses on the role of family and reinforces the value of perseverance.

The other play, The Time Machine, which is in its second performance at the book fair, uses the idea of a time machine to help audiences discover how and why Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. The time machine also travels to different time periods taking the characters to the FIFA World Cup championship in Doha, but it breaks down and they work together to find solutions. The play is entertaining, but it also presents stimulating scientific topics.