The Theater Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture presented the theatrical performance “The Chariot of Time: Abbas Ibn Firnas – Surveillance Camera” for the children of Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari Kindergarten, which talks in a humorous and exciting way about inventors and moves through time between the past, the present and the future. It comes within the framework of the Center’s keenness to enhance the spirit of theater within society, and to create the popularity of theater in public spaces and squares, as “The Chariot of Time” is a theatrical project that reminds us of the “Chariot of Space” in Greek theater, and the chariot theater in the Renaissance era. It is a theatrical form that has developed over time, and allows real communication between the actor and the audience far from the walls of the theatrical box, and through its strange shape, dazzling colors, and drawings that refer to a clock with its hands and movement, through the red curtain, puppets, and actors with their various skills, the chariot of time moves between public spaces and squares to meet the largest number of audiences. The chariot was manufactured in Qatar, and a special team for the puppet space colored and designed it in cooperation with actors from Europe and Turkey.