Mr. Abdul Rahim al-Siddiqi, the Director General of the Center for Theater Affairs, visited the headquarters of the Doha Theater Group, during his visit, he was briefed on the latest developments and the group’s preparations to participate in the Doha Theater Festival in its 35th edition. Al-Siddiqi gave the great Qatari playwright Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai a “drawing” of a portrait for the research which will be presented by the center soon, and which is titled “Theatre of Mannai and the Sea” by the late writer Sebai Al-Sayed, in the presence of Professors Ibrahim Muhammad, Khalifa Jamaan and Tayseer Abdullah. The playwright and director, Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai, is considered one of the most prominent creative figures in the cultural arena and theatrical movement in the State of Qatar. He is the founder of a distinguished artistic school in the Qatari theater, he gave a lot to the stage, and actively contributed to creating a fertile theatrical space, sculpting it with his knowledge, artistic and aesthetic skills, so that his creations transcend borders. Many of his artistic and theatrical works were inspired by the Qatari heritage. Despite his writing of poetry, he classifies himself as a playwright and director. He does not accept that any color of creativity takes him away from the stage, “the father of arts.” However, he considers poetry, music, and composition to be employed for the sake of a director or playwright. Al-Mannai wrote poems that he turned into plays, The play “Ghanawi Al-Shamali”, which won the award for the best theatrical work in the Gulf region, was mainly a poem, which he transformed into theatre. He also directed the play “Al-Sawary Moaning” by the Bahraini poet Ali Abdullah Khalifa, for which he chose certain poems, in addition to producing three musical plays that he presented as musicals.