The Ministry of Culture’s Center for Theater Affairs has chosen “My Play in a Week” to shed light on his artistic career through his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Theater Affairs Center noted that Siyar Al-Kuwari’s first experience behind the stage was in the management of the movement in the play “Ras Al-Mamlouk Jaber”, which was performed in Tunisia in 1975. This encouraged him to perform various theatrical tasks and acquire a directional vision. He then directed the play “The Man Who Became a Dog”, which he performed on World Theater Day. The Theater Affairs Center wrote in a blog post that the first play in which leading actor Siyar Al-Kuwari participated was the 1968 Saqr Quraish play. After that, he directed about six plays and participated as an actor in a large number of theatrical works. He also attended many theater festivals in the Gulf and Arab countries.