The Youth Hobbies Center of the Ministry of Youth and Sports has launched its Country Commemorative Currency Virtual Exhibition, which runs until 10 August and can be browsed on the Centre’s official website.


The exhibition contains 40 paintings of Qatari commemorative coins documenting events, occasions, important figures and heritage, including coins on the occasion of Doha, the capital of Arab culture in 2010, a gold coin engraved with the logo of Doha, the capital of Arab culture, and the minted quantity is only 150 gold coins. In addition to 4 silver pieces each with emblem, oud, Arabic calligraphy and theatre, and also (birds and deer) in 2003, it is considered one of the most important commemorative collections because of its limited issuance and rarity and the quantity captured (120) platinum, 240 gold pieces and 1,800 silver items, as well as commemorative coins for the Asian Games (Doha 2006).


The exhibition provides a rare opportunity for amateurs to learn about rare commemorative coins. The idea of the exhibition came as part of the Centre’s “teleconference” activities, with the aim of providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a photo information tour of the country’s commemorative coins, where the virtual tour moves visitors into real space.


Its halls are designed with actual specifications and metrics, with easy browsing through the mobile, as well as useful information for amateurs and visitors to the virtual exhibition. It should be noted that the Youth Centre for Hobbies continues to launch virtual youth specialist fairs, the first of their kind in the Arab world, which reflect the activities of the different sections of the Centre to promote and disseminate hobbies in various fields. And that’s since the Corona pandemic.