Yesterday, Doha Theater Festival witnessed a performance by the Yemeni community entitled “Al-Tahesh”, written by Dr. Abdel Ghaffar Makkawi, directed by Safwat Al-Ghashem. It is the show that brought the artist Ali Seif back to the stage again, after an absence. The idea and message of the show in general revolves around not believing everything that is said or heard. What is distinguished in the show is its enjoyment of the presence of a large number of young artistic talents, who were able to embody their roles with great brilliance, which was appreciated by the audience, and their admiration for these talents.

The artist Ahmed Al-Khayyat participated in the play, who confirmed that this participation is his a third participation in Doha Theater Festival, and about his role, he said that he was very impressed with the role when it was offered to him, by the director, indicating that he embodied the role of the “pastoral” and spontaneous person who exaggerates and magnifies everything and exaggerates things in a notable and exaggerated way, and on the importance of participating in the festival, Ahmed Al-Khayyat said that he is happy with the return of Doha Theater Festival, and he hopes that it will continue and continue and that there will be a wider participation of the various communities in Doha.

The artist, Ali Saif, said that the director, Safwat Al-Ghashm, nominated him to play the role of “Uncle of the Hero”, but he was not convinced of the idea of ​​returning again to the theater. However, with Al-Ghashem’s insistence, he read the role, and if he was convinced of the text, he agreed to embody it within the participation of the Yemeni community.

Saif appreciated the support of the Ministry of Culture for Doha Theater Festival, and said: There is a quantum leap in the festival in this edition, as there are greater and broader participation by young artistic talents, for which we must thank the Ministry of Culture and the Center for Theater Affairs.

In addition, he described the performances of the communities taking place in the festival as a good initiative, which opened the door wide for emerging talents to enter the world of theater.