In cooperation with the Center for Music Affairs, the Qatari Forum for Authors prepared a piece of music entitled “Palestine, the people and Land” and this piece was composed by Khaled Al Salem.


On her part, the writer Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, Director General of the Qatari Forum for Authors, said in special statements to Al Sharq that this work is an expressive attitude by the pen and quill of an artist through which the feeling of hope is expressed despite the devastation that inflicted the streets of Palestine as well as continuation of life and ability to resist for the sake of the homeland and the protection of the sanctities.


She added that the work is also accomplished with the aim of expressing the need to protect human dignity expressing her happiness that this work has been accomplished as a result of cooperation between the Center for Music Affairs and the Qatari Forum for Authors.

The work bears a musical character accompanied by a group of photographs documenting the state of the devastation that inflicted the Palestinian people in addition to observing aspects of life in Palestine. The musical composition began with pictures from Jerusalem and its squares in addition to another group of pictures from the Holy City of Jerusalem that reflect the history of the city, its Arab identity and the right of Arabs and Muslims regarding it. Also, another group of pictures were demonstrated that document the massacres of the occupation in Palestinian territories and difficult life of children suffering from occupation and its brutal practices.


On its part, the Forum published this work through its digital platforms and it received remarkable interaction as part of the global solidarity campaign with the Palestinian people. The Forum and the Center collaborated previously several times and the most notable collaboration is the award ceremony of the second edition of Doha Prize for Dramatic Writing which was held during last November. The ceremony presented musical work that included pieces of music and artistic work of the most famous Arab series in an attempt to recall the most important drams that attracted the Arab and Gulf viewer in different periods of time.