“Qatar Merqah for Oratory” initiative which is held weekly by the Qatar Author’s Forum as part of the activities of Doha, the Capital of Culture in Islamic world, continues the competitions between the orators (preachers) participating in the second round of “the reciter orator” in order to improve the spoken Arabic language.


Dr. Ahmad Al-Janabi, expert of Arabic language, supervising the initiative, said in a speech on the occasion that the competition in this round among the orators included the rhetorical aspect and the use of verbal embellishers that give the text rhetorical aesthetics in addition to including more resonance so that the orator presents an interesting material devoted to contemporary issues in contrary to the first round devoted to speeches drawn from the heritage as the topic of competition between the orators was about the current health crisis, Corona Pandemic, and how the orator expresses it in a literary manner.


Four competitors participated in the second round of the reciter orator before the participants listened to the historical speech of Qas Bin Saeda, the most famous orator among the Arabs, presented by Mr. Fadl Al-Humaidan. The competitor Ahmad Azzab presented a speech entitled “After Corona” and Mohammad Al Hafez presented the speech entitled “The changed dictionary” while the competitor Hussein Al Atawi presented the speech entitled “Nightmare of the Century” while the competitor Mohammad Al Aqeedi presented the speech entitled “Witness to Corona”.


Professor Khaled Al-Ahmad, Abdullah Al-Khalaf, Fadl Al- Humaidan, Rasha Al-Salah participated in judging the second round of the orator’s speech as they discussed aesthetic aspects of the participating speeches in details demonstrating some faults of the participating orators with submitting many advices and proofreading to improve the speech. As a result, Hussein Al Atawi won the first place followed by Mohammad Al-Aqeedi at the second place and Mohammad Al-Hafez come in the third place.