“Qatar Merqah for Oratory” initiative which is held weekly by the Qatari Forum for Authors as part of the activities of Doha, the Capital of Culture in Islamic World 2021, continues the competitions between the participants of the third round of extemporaneous oratory with the aim of training on the present answers and speed of response.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Janabi, expert of Arabic language, supervising the initiative, said in his speech, “The competition in this round among the extemporaneous orators (preachers) has rhetorical dimension which is non-fanaticism regarding opinions about using the praise of something sometimes and dispraise of something sometimes as well as using methods of praise and dispraise in the traditional Arabic language. They are yes, bad, preferable and not desirable. He invited the orators (preachers) to use these words in praise and dispraise.”


The preacher Sheikh Shaker Al- Shawani, delivered a sermon of Qas Bin Saeda Al-Ayadi, in which the Yearbook of Qatar Merqah was named after him and Engineer Khalid Al-Ahmad delivered a typical extemporaneous sermon entitled “Dispraising Travel in the Current Circumstances” where he listed disadvantages of travelling at the present time.


Participants of the third round in extemporaneous oratory are Hafsa Rekrak, who presented a sermon in which she praised the e-book and its positive aspects and Mohammad Al-Hafiz who gave a sermon in which he praised the distance learning. Also, Al-Khalil Mahfouz delivered a sermon in which he praised the Corona virus in terms of the positive aspects resulting from it. In addition, Mohammad Al-Aqeedi praised the vaccination and taking it to prevent the Corona virus.

Topics were selected according to the request of the awarding committee. It consists of  Mr. Jihad Jaradat, Khaled Al-Ahmad, Shaker Al-Shahwani and Ahmad Al-Hazam who later provided comments on the sermons pointing to the weaknesses and strengths in the extemporaneous sermons (speeches) that adopted the methods of praise and dispraise. Hafsa Rekrak won the first position followed by Mohammad Al-Hafiz in the second position and Al-Khalil Mahfouz come in the third position.