Today, the Theater Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture inaugurated the “Hazawi Hadiya Saeed” event at the Children’s Theatre, as part of the National Day activities in Darb Al Saai, in an interesting theatrical style.

Mr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Hameed Al-Siddiqi, the Director of the Center for Theater Affairs, said that the “Al-Hazawi” event is part of the Qatari heritage and identity, and was shown for the first time in Darb Al Saai this year, during which the artist narrated Saeed’s gift, the traditional Al-Hazawi for children daily, from seven in the evening for 20 minutes.

Al-Siddiqi added that the children’s attendance at the first day of the “Hazawi Gift Happy” event exceeded expectations, explaining that the aim of the event is to teach the new youth the principles of honesty, trust, doing good and helping others, through the authentic values ​​stemming from the Qatari heritage.

For her part, the Qatari artist, Hadiya Saeed, expressed her happiness with the interaction of the children, explaining that Al-Hazawi has a great impact on the hearts of the children, as she makes the child feel warmth and familiarity, through which moral values ​​can be instilled in the hearts of the children, in addition to providing the children with some heritage vocabulary from the past.

The artist, Hadiya, added that Hazwa today, her story revolves around Al-Kharraz Jarallah, who works in shoe repair, and does not have another source of livelihood, and he has a pregnant wife, and he was collecting money for the pilgrimage, and there is his neighbor, Umm Jaber, and her husband died, and the mother has 4 children, and shouting from hunger.

The mother went out looking for food for her children in the street, and she did not find anyone to help her, so, Al-Kharraz Jarallah decided to give his poor neighbor Hajj money to feed her children, so, God rewarded him that the neighbors of Al-Kharraz collected money for him, and he went to Hajj in the following year, and the artist ended Saeed Al-Hazwa’s gift by praying, “Oh.” May God protect our monastery.. our sheikh and our pride.. and perpetuate our unity, because it is the source of our strength, an event that was created in conjunction with the World Cup.