Social media icon Maria Fernanda del Rio presented the biography of Asma Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh Al-Kuwari and her most prominent achievements, as part of a new episode of the initiative dedicated to introducing writers from Qatar presented by the Qatari Forum for Authors every Wednesday on its YouTube channel. This initiative introduces the successful writers in Qatar and their most prominent contributions in the cultural field. In her presentation, Maria said that Al-Kuwari is one of Qatar’s most successful writers of children’s literature; although not so long ago she was a young girl with great dreams to contribute to the service of her country by instilling knowledge, patriotism and good morals in children.

Author Al-Kuwari began her journey in children’s literature when she bought her first book from the Doha International Book Fair and decided at that time to make reading books an interesting and rich experience for children. She became not only a children’s literature writer but also a researcher and expert in children literature. Author Al-Kuwari holds a higher diploma in early childhood and a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Education at Qatar University. She worked for 15 years in education and senior educational management, training and writing for Qatari children, human development training, and participated in many training programs inside and outside Qatar. Author Al-Kuwari, moreover, established Nabja Printing and Publishing House in the field of children’s literature. She also became a member of the Board of Trustees of the State of Qatar Award for Children’s Literature for Training, and director of the Children’s Literature Center. Among her books are: “In the Desert Forest”, “Am I a Palm Tree”, “The Tale of the Kingdom of Garangwa”, “Hikayet Wadi Al-Hanthal”, “A Reading Notebook”, “Hoopoe’s Note”, and “My Brother’s Smart Language”.