The Youth Media Center received the first group of members of the “Promising Media Professional” program launched by the center and that aims at providing the skills and arts necessary for Qatari Youth wishing to join the media field. The “Promising Media Professional” program is a program that subjects to the supervision of the Youth Media Center and it seeks to train and quality younger age groups of Qatari Youth who have the desire to join and work in the media field beginning from “Future Media Professional” Program that resulted from the event entitled “Future Media Professional” of the National Day.


The participants learned about the nature of workshops and courses offered by the center and how to benefit from them in the context of enhancing the media skills of the younger age groups of Qatari Youth. They also enjoyed a tour in the center and learned about the departments and studio of the center. During their visit, they acquainted skills and interests of members of the first group of “The promising media professional” program as many of them showed distinguished skills including scientific and linguistic interests represented in mastery of the Chinese language by one of the members of the group.


Ms. Jawaher Al-Badr, Director of Youth Media Center, said that this group will be an extension of the previous group focusing on the importance of benefiting of group members from various skills and workshops that will be provided to them throughout their affiliation to the center. She added, “Through our workshops and practical skills provided to the members of the first group, we seek to contribute in preparing a generation of Qatari Media Professionals who are able to be up to the challenge and to contribute in leading the Qatari Media on a scientific and professional basis that contributes to enhancing the status of media in the State”.


Ms. Mona Al Yaqoub, Head of Programs and Projects Department at the center, said that the cultural skills and capabilities that the members of the group we had the honor to receive make us assume double responsibility to develop and direct these skills to the right path and to reflect this in the media environment in the State in terms of honesty, credibility and transparency of the news. Also, she said that this helps the renaissance and progress of the State.

Mr. Khaled Al-Muraisy, Head of the Media Department at the Youth Media Center added that the center supports youth, encourages attracting new media professionals and seeks to highlight, develops youth talents and overcomes obstacles they face.