The second phase of the competition “Diwan Al-Adam” has begun; with the poets who made it to the “fifty poets” phase. In this phase, poets will compete over the course of five days; followed by the announcement of the successful poets who will proceed to the next level “the 24 poets”.
“Diwan Al-Adam” competition is organized by: Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events and Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al Arab”, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCS).
Through its various stages; the event “Diwan Al-Adam” takes the form of a competition between Qatari citizen and resident poets. The four-stage competition will allow the poetry audience the opportunity to interact with poets and their poems; either directly or via traditional communication channels or social network platforms. The competition involves various themes for the poems; some themes are specified by the organizing committee and some are left for the free creativity of poets to express their perspectives on community issues.
The event is designed for poets who create Nabati, free verse, and metrical verse poems in the state of Qatar; in consolidation of the essence of poetry. The event endeavors to find a new arena for poetry; where the freedom of spoken word poetry reflects the dignity of human beings, their right to express their emotions, and their role in the development of their homeland.
The event also aims to support poets to be innovative in their poetry style and provide an environment for creativity and competition among poets in order to promote the values of solidarity and belonging, benefit from seasoned poets; allowing new poetic talents the opportunity to meet them. It further aims to enhance human dignity and support the value of dialogue in society. The event also seeks to activate the creative energies in the society through the development of knowledge and conscience and the promotion of human values calling for the rapprochement of peoples and the respect for their cultures. Not to mention raising the society’s ability to express feelings and emotions; thus enshrine its conscience and affections and unleash imagination beyond the boundaries of fixed poetry forms.
Poet, Shabib bin Arar Al Nuaimi, Director of Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al Arab”, pointed out that this week, the judges are conducting interviews with the groups who advances from the first phase to the “Fifty poets” level; after dividing participants into groups, based on a draw that was filmed and displayed to all the poets, accompanied by the selection of the themes offered to poets.
Interviews with poets who advanced from the first phase to the “fifty poets” level, he added, were centered on the value of “justice”, and thus; outstanding poetry topics were presented, embracing the meaning of that value. During the interviews, poets have reflected the scale of responsibility that have been entrusted to them; through the texts they created, which reflected, at the same time, the amounts of efforts they have exerted. This has reflected the advanced level of the qualifier poets. He further indicated that interviews with the qualifiers to “fifty poets” level will continue; followed by the poets qualification to the next level “24 poets”.