The Qatari Motor and Motorcycle Federation resumes its domestic activity for the 2021 season today Friday with the second-round competition of the Qatar National Speedway Championship in the Sprint category, which is witnessing a distinct participation.


The Federation has opened the registration for this round, which will be held over the course of tomorrow, in front of the main courtyard of the Lucille International Arena, with the broad participation of the most prominent stars of the sport, both local drivers and those from outside Qatar.


The events will commence from 4 p.m. today, Friday, with the completion of the registration procedures for all participants, as well as the procedures for checking the course of the competitions, which shall continuo till quarter to six o`clock. followed by the preparatory and induction meeting of drivers at 6 p.m.


This is followed by training on the lap of the track starting from quarter past six, then a general training period from quarter to seven in the evening, provided that the official competitions will be held from eight in the evening with the start of the first race competitions, followed by the holding of the second and third races at nine and ten in the evening, then the championship ends at eleven in the evening, the winners of each of the eight categories of the tournament will be crowned.


The championship competitions will be held this year in eight different categories. In addition to the six old categories: (O1, O2, O3, P1, P2, and P3), two new categories have been created, the first for women, and the second for electric cars, with each contestant making three attempts in Each category, and then the best score is calculated.


The championship is receiving great attention from officials within the Automobile Federation headed by Mr. Abdulrahman bin Abdullatif Al-Mannai, especially in light of the great demand season after season for participation, which has increased significantly in recent seasons, which contributed to the high level of competitions and the increase in excitement and strength, especially after the allocation of financial prizes for the winners to add a kind of enthusiasm and seriousness to the tournament.


The first round of the championship, which was held last January, witnessed strong competitions with the participation of 36 drivers of Arab and foreign nationalities, and its competitions were held throughout the day in only six categories: (O1, O2, O3, P1, P2, P3), due to the lack of completion Competitors in the women’s and electric car categories.


For his part, Amr Al Hamad, CEO of the Qatar Automobile Federation, confirmed that all arrangements have been completed to organize the second round of the Qatar National Speed Championship in the car category (Sprint), in which the federation will resume its local activities again.


In a press release, Al Hamad said that the Federation had been keen to provide all means, both in terms of organizational and technical terms and in terms of security, health and precautionary measures, to bring out the competition in a technically distinct manner, taking into account the safety of all participants.


He explained that the championship competitions this year will witness some changes, whether with regard to the different tracks of competition from one round to another, or with regard to increasing the number of rounds of this championship to become six rounds, in addition to changing some of the laws regulating the races according to the requirements of the drivers.


Al Hamad expected an increase in the demand from Qatari drivers to participate in the second round of the championship, especially in light of the long absence from the competitions and everyone sought to return to compete again, noting that the competition this year will be strong at the level of the six categories, especially with the contestant allowed to participate in two cars in two different categories.