The “Shoes Wiper” play team presented a distinguished performance, through which it was able to win praise from the large audience that filled the places allocated for it in the Drama Theater in Katara, as part of the activities of Doha Theater Festival in its thirty-fifth session, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture represented by the Center for Theater Affairs.

The audience expressed their happiness with the performance. Also, a group of critics and playwrights praised the good performance of the play team, which was presented by Q-Fun Art Production Company within the performances of teams and institutions in the festival. Some also praised the director’s use of his theatrical tools in a distinctive and successful way, as well as the factor of decoration and lighting, and the wonderful performance and movements of the team Show on stage.

Regarding the show and her participation in the festival in general, the actress Wafaa Abbas said that she is happy with her participation in the play “Shoes Wiper” for Q-Fun Production Company, explaining that during the show she played the role of a divorced woman, who went through a series of events and paradoxes that escalated at the end of the play.

Wafa confirmed that the role she played is a completely new role for her, as she had much theatrical participation in many previous public performances, explaining that she had previously participated in the university theater with the College of North Atlantic. Meanwhile, this year she records her first participation in Doha Theater Festival via difference shows.

Regarding the importance of this participation, she confirmed that she benefited a lot from this participation, as she received support, support and guidance from the director Ahmed Al-Muftah, in addition to benefiting from the rest of the work team, hoping that the show had reaped the expected success and impressed the audience. She also thanked the organizers of the festival for making it possible and it has been a great opportunity for her to be among a group of professors, learn and benefit from the great directors in the art scene in Qatar.


On the other hand, the producer and director Ahmed Al-Fadala confirmed that this year’s festival includes a large group of young talents that herald a distinguished artistic future, praising the great efforts made by the Ministry of Culture and the great support provided to these young people by giving them the opportunity to be present among these distinguished events in the festival and to be with them along with a group of professors, critics and artists.

With regard to this version of the festival, he said that: With regard to the festival and its current session, we have seen the launch of the performances of teams and institutions through the play “Al-Mughassil”, and we have all seen a distinguished group of dazzling young people who presented a show worthy of praise and promising that there are talents that can be of great importance in the artistic and theatrical field in the State of Qatar.

As for how to invest the opportunity by young people, he said that: The opportunity is available to everyone, and young talents must invest in this golden opportunity, and participate continuously and constantly because their continuity and participation that will gain them experience and development, by watching other shows and exchanging ideas with other artists and critics and listening to advice, guidance and criticism too.

He continued by saying that: I see that young people have enormous energies and great enthusiasm, and this is a positive matter that must be invested and benefited from these talents in their various orientations, whether authors, directors or artists. Therefore, I see that these talents are the result of a great effort by the Center for Theater Affairs, which worked and sought a lot to provide opportunity for young people and open all doors are in front of them in order to innovate and bring out the creativity within them, as well as qualify them to continue the path of the pioneers and stars of the Qatari theater.

It is worth mentioning that since the launch of the activities of Doha Theater Festival in its current session, it is witnessing a large audience during the various performances that have been presented so far.