This evening, Mr. Hazaa Al-Barari, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan visited Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal, and during a tour accompanied by His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, the advisor to the Minister of Culture, he was briefed on the heritage and cultural activities, including Albidaa activities which expresses the Qatari maritime heritage, in addition to the activities of Al-Izba, Al-Maqtar, and the House of Poetry, which show the land heritage in Qatar. He also visited a number of exhibitions and art workshops presented by “Liwan Al-Fan”.

Mr. Hazaa Al-Barari affirmed that he admired what he saw during his visit to Darb Al Saai, with all its strong relationship with the Qatari heritage, the authentic Arab heritage, and the heritage atmosphere it provides for families of all ages and groups, in addition to the general artistic, cultural and entertainment activities it provides.

He described Darb Al Saai as a place where everyone can wander comfortably, and the visitor can learn about the various pillars of the Qatari heritage, as well as the traditional crafts and folk games, which makes Darb Al Saai a cultural achievement added to the cultural and civilizational achievements in the State of Qatar.‏

He congratulated the State of Qatar on the national atmosphere in which it is living, and expressed his great pleasure in visiting Darb Al Saai.