Within the activities of Darb Al Saai, the Qatar Poetry Center, Diwan Al-Arab, organized its second poetry evening on Monday, November 28, 2022, on the main stage. ‏

The evening came within the program of cultural seminars accompanying the activities and celebrations of the National Day of the State, which falls on the eighteenth of December of each year and take the slogan “Our unity is the source of strength”.

The poets Mubarak Al Khalifa, Zayed bin Cruz and Hadi bin Saif participated in the evening, which was attended by a large audience, with a variety of poems, including patriotic and social poems.

The Poet Shabib bin Arar Al-Nuaimi, the Director of Qatar Poetry Center, said that the center’s participation in the activities of the National Day in Darb Al Saai aims to spread the spirit of values ​​and morals and strengthen national identity through literature and distinguished poems presented by the poets, indicating that the Arab Poetry Center offers 6 poetry evenings, during Darb Al Saai activities, as well as a symposium that talks about poetry and the role of poets in society, with the participation of a group of senior poets in society. ‏

For his part, the poet Mubarak Al Khalifa, the Director of the Publications and Artistic Works Department, praised in a statement after the evening the efforts of Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab” in promoting the national spirit and identity by attending the state’s celebrations of the National Day in Darb Al Saai and in all national events, referring to the evening that coincided with the event by promoting the values ​​of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, as it naturally accompanied the World Cup, and this exceptional event that dazzled the world and is still organizing it to present a version that remains very much in the global conscience.

The first evening of the center was held on the opening day of Darb Al Saai and was devoted to eloquent poetry

The audience of Darb Al Saai will be on a date this evening, Wednesday, with the third evening, in which the poets Mashari Belil Al-Otaibi, Abdullah Nasser Al-Nuaimi, Abdul Mohsen Al-Hamimy will participate.

It is noteworthy that the activities of Darb Al Saai to celebrate the National Day of the State will continue until the eighteenth of next December at the permanent headquarters of Darb AlSaai in Umm Slal Mohammed.