The Qatar Scientific Club announced the launch of the Challenge and Innovation Forum under the slogan “With the mind, we solve the knots” during the period from 6 to 11 November, as part of the events of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021. The Qatari Science Club, in response to the wishes of inventors and innovation  organizations and given the reception of many requests, announced the extension of the registration period for the Challenge and Innovation Forum until September 10.


The Forum for Challenge and Innovation (CIF) is considered to be a unique event in the region. It includes a number of competitions, events and interactive scientific programs which aim at motivating and encouraging inventors from all over the world to participate in this event. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the host country


The forum will present a number of projects that reflect the roles of research, development and innovation in achieving a knowledge-based economy. The forum will also contribute to attracting the interest of the international community to learn more about the latest developments in the fields of innovation and modern technologies, in addition to providing an opportunity to learn about a number of youth participations and achievements.


The idea of the competition is based on the participation of all the accepted innovators, whose individual inventions will be displayed during the special exhibition that will take place during the first two days of the event. The innovators will then be distributed into groups to participate in the hackathon competition, which will take place during the last two days of the event.


The slogan of the scientific competition, “With the mind, we solve the knots”, confirms that humanity has known different sciences since ancient times. Books conveyed to us what the ancient Greeks wrote and what they presented in the field of sciences such as Archimedes, Euclid, Pythagoras and others. The ancient monuments showed us what the sciences of the Romans, India and Persia had contributed to. And when Islam came it proclaimed a new civilizational cycle that gave science its unique place, and opened up ways of discovery and creativity with thought and insight., as the verses of the Noble Qur’an called for reading, science, and the work of reason.