Qatar Science Club will participate this year in Darb Al Saai by presenting a series of interactive scientific presentations.

E. Sheikh Ali bin Salman Al Thani, the Managing Director of Qatar Scientific Club, said that this year, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Science Club will present a set of presentations and experiences that combine learning and fun.

He explained that the club presents in Darb Al Saai a group of interactive scientific experiments that were well received and accepted by the public because they combine both learning and fun, such as dry ice shows, including the air cannon, liquid nitrogen shows, including the nitrogen missile, and special shows with the ignition triangle, indicating that the science club participates in the paragraphs of cultural competitions of a scientific national nature as well.

The Managing Director of Qatar Scientific Club added by saying that the club participates in the events accompanying the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, by participating in the Drisha Festival for Innovation and Creativity, which is held under the supervision and organization of Qatar Foundation during the period from 11 to 17 December, where the club will present a number of special events such as Scientific competitions, interactive scientific experiments, a meeting with an innovator, an exhibition of inventions of Muslim scientists, building World Cup stadiums, and building Islamic and engineering heritage landmarks.

The club also participates in the events accompanying the 2022 World Cup, which are scheduled to be held in Kahramaa Awareness Park, starting from the 5th of December until the National Day of the State, which falls on the 18th of December of each year.

Sheikh Ali bin Salman Al Thani stressed that the occasion of the National Day and its revival in Darb Al Saai or in various places in the country is a commemoration of the founding of the State of Qatar at the hands of the founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, who laid the foundations of the modern State of Qatar, and under whose leadership Qatar became one cohesive entity and a unified, independent country.

He added that the National Day of the State of Qatar represents an opportunity to introduce the work of the founders of the State of Qatar who bore the hardships and paid a high price to achieve the unity of their nation and celebrate their memory and affirms the identity of the state and its history, as it embodies the ideals and hopes on which the state was established, in addition to strengthening loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the Qatari national identity.

He said that one of the most important meanings and connotations of the National Day are to stir up the feeling of citizenship and that the homeland is a symbol of pride, dignity and boasting. Therefore, we are all sacrificed for this homeland that is dear to us all, this homeland that faced challenges under the leadership of its leaders who handed the flag swiftly from leader to leader, and succeeded in overcoming all these challenges. With confidence, patience and trust in God Almighty.