The Ministry of Culture and Sports and the youth centres under its umbrella, as well as the Qatari Scientific Club, have been celebrating International Youth Day according to the theme adopted by UNESCO. The theme is usually in line with important events in the international community. The current year’s theme of the International Youth Day is: “Transforming diets. Youth innovations for human and planet health”


On the participation of the Qatari Scientific Club in this international event, Ms. Fatima Al – Muhanadi, Director of Administration and Finance of the Scientific Club, stated that this year the Club was participating with an awareness video and a workshop entitled: Digital technology and its effective contribution to the manufacture of medical devices during Covid-19. It will be presented by Engineer Saleh Al-Abdullah, supervisor of the digital manufacturing lab. The workshop deals with the following themes:


The principle of work of digital devices and their capabilities, the impact of this technology on accelerating and quality of the manufacturing process of initial and final models for innovation, the role of 3D digital technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in addition to the prospects of 3D digital technology in the future and finding alternative solutions that contribute to the health and environmental field by activating This technology.

Al- Muhanadi added that digital technology is one of the topics that will be discussed in general on this day, and that there were also numerous programs and workshops during the day by both the scientific club and the youth centres of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which would be registered and participated by its members and contribute to the exchange of experiences and active participation among young people.


The interest of the Scientific Club on this day stems from the interest of the concerned authorities in the state in youth affairs and their relentless efforts to develop a national youth policy that meets the aspirations and ambitions of young people for a more optimistic tomorrow in which young people will be more interactive and influential.


The celebration of International Youth Day was adopted on December 17, 1999, when the United Nations General Assembly decided that August 12 of each year should be International Youth Day and recommended that the General Assembly organize media activities to support this day as a way to promote awareness of the Youth Action Program and to draw the attention of the international community to issues of youth, and to celebrate the potential of young people as partners in the global community.


UNESCO programs and plans emphasize that young people are not only beneficiaries, but also key leaders and partners in efforts to find solutions to the issues facing the world’s youth today. They must be fully involved in social development and must be supported in this regard by their communities.

The theme of last year’s International Youth Day 2020 was: “Engaging Youth in International Efforts.” The Science Club carried out a symposium entitled “Country Youth’s Footprint in the Face of the Corona Covid Pandemic 19,” in which a number of Qatari youths participated in the State’s efforts to combat the Corona Pandemic, particularly in the area of innovation.


Each of them spoke about his role in particular and the role of the Scientific Club in facing the Corona pandemic through design and manufacturing processes that contributed to reducing the negative effects of this pandemic, as innovative medical projects were implemented such as an air purifier and breathing device, a medical security robot, and the manufacture of thousands of customized medical face shields and other personal protective equipment as a safe assistant


The Qatari Scientific Club, through its young members, provided a youth imprint that was appreciated by the competent authorities, in particular the Hamad Medical Foundation, Qatari Red Crescent, Spire Foundation and Orix Corporation, in order to qualify and develop the skills of Qatari youth and to encourage them to compete in providing the best for Qatar.