Yesterday, Darb Al Saai witnessed the visit of the members of the Saudi Folklore Ensemble participating in the activities of the Saudi House, which was launched in conjunction with the country’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup, and during their visit they participated in the National Day celebrations in Darb Al Saai and were briefed on many popular paragraphs presented by members of the Qatari Oryx Band, who were in the reception of the Saudi band. The two bands presented a variety of paragraphs by complaining to each other, including “Al-Ardah” towards Al-Alam Square, and, then, the band presented the Najd Ardah, which won the admiration of the visitors of Darb Al Saai.

At the beginning, Mr. Saleh Nasser Abdel Wahed, the head of the public folklore troupe participating in the Saudi House within the activities of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, said that our visit to Darb Al Saai is part of the participation of our Qatari brothers in their celebrations of the National Day, and he added that the Saudi and Qatari people are one and share culture and heritage and they have one roots. H explained that there is no difference between the Saudi and Qatari Al-Ardah, as the two use the same poetry, rhyme, meter and melodies. This also indicates the depth and interdependence between the two brotherly peoples. He added by saying that the Saudi band will perform a number of performances as an expression of our joy with our Qatari brothers.

In a related context, Abdul Wahed said that the State of Qatar provided a great and valuable opportunity to spread Arab and Gulf culture through the activities of the World Cup, pointing to the great turnout witnessed by the Saudi House of various nationalities that flocked from different countries of the world.

For his part, Mr. Nayef Al-Mohannadi, head of the Oryx Band and head of the Qatari Arda, said that the participation of our Saudi brothers was distinguished, and we welcomed them with songs and welcome verses that the band members sing.

For his part, Bandar Abdullah Al-Dossary of the Saudi Al-Arda Band expressed his happiness at participating in the celebrations of the National Day of the State of Qatar, saying that Darb Al Saai activities contribute to the transfer of Gulf and Arab heritage to the world as it coincides with the hosting of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

He added: We congratulate the leadership and people of the State of Qatar for the impressive organization of the World Cup. Qatar honored the Arabs by welcoming everyone, with the usual hospitality and generosity, and this indicates the great effort that has been made over the past years.

In his turn, Nasser Al-Kharaan, a member of the Saudi House, said: We came to “Doha Al-Khair” to participate in the 2022 World Cup, and the fact that we saw the good organization of the tournament and the hospitality of the global fans honors us all, and we take the opportunity to thank the State of Qatar, its leadership, its people, and everyone who lives on its land for this great work.

He continued by saying that: “During our visit to Darb Al Saai, we sensed the keenness of the State of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Culture, to revive the Gulf and Arab heritage and to introduce the world to our culture, history, heritage, customs and authentic traditions. and other special events.