The Qatari writers shine with their wide and valuable participation in the 32nd edition of Doha International Book Fair, which is being held this year under the slogan “By reading we rise” at Doha Exhibition and Conferences Center.

The Qatari publications are novels, scientific research, children’s literature and other books on literature, science and knowledge.

Through the tour of the exhibition, the participation of the Qatari writers was monitored by Qatari and Gulf publishing houses participating in the exhibition.

In this context, Dr. and writer Hitmi Al-Hitmi said that: The book “Are We Alone” discusses several matters and questions, including whether there is life outside our planet or not, and deals with the different answers about that, pointing out that he worked for four continuous months to obtain various answers and evidence on the main topic of the book which is the existence of extraterrestrial life or not.

He pointed out that the cover of the book was designed using artificial intelligence to appear aesthetically closer to imagination.

For her part, Dr. and writer Aisha Al-Khulaifi said: “Participation in the Doha International Book Fair was distinguished, and I am participating in all my publications, which are (3) different novels of realistic women’s literature, as the first publication was entitled “Until the Last Breath.”, and was followed by a novel titled “Alienation of the Spirit” and the third novel titled “Aspirations Deferred”, all of which are real stories that took place in Qatari society, as I made sure that the names in the three books are borrowed.

She added that her last novel was entitled “The Fire of Rebellion”, which won first place in the competition for the best unpublished book, explaining that she made sure that the number of pages was not large so that the reader would not feel bored in reading, and she was content with narrating the most important essential events in all her novels”.

For her part, the writer Shaima Al-Kaldi said that: My participation in Doha International Book Fair comes with the launch of the novel “A Almost Impossible Dream”, which was inspired by a true story in the family environment, and in our daily lives. Through this novel, I convey their feelings and feelings to the readers through a realistic experience.

The writer added by saying that: The novel talks about the story of a girl who has been crippled since her childhood, and how she was able, with determination and insistence, to overcome the educational stages and the society’s views on her, in addition to the events that happened with her, the wishes that she wants to achieve, and how it is possible to reach what we want and overcome the difficult stages in our lives and achieve our dreams with perseverance, patience despite disability.

For her part, the writer Najat Ali said: I am participating for the second time in the Doha International Book Fair by launching the book “Who Am I” in Arabic and English. It is a book concerned with the individual, the self, and the human being who is considered the center of the universe and finds in himself skills and abilities through which he can be creative and walk towards success in a smooth and successful way. The book also gives advice and guidance to those who have obstacles and difficulties, as the book enables them to overcome them through direct and understandable messages that guide them towards the right path.