The Qatari theater has strengthened its presence on the Arab scene. Qatari performances have presented an honorable image of the local theatrical movement, and highlighted the brilliance of the local artist in expressing the issues of his community with distinctive artworks, which contributed to crowning many Qatari shows with various awards in various festivals. The Qatari Mawqif Sadeq “A Sincere Attitude” show, participating in the 5th Gulf Theater Festival for people with disabilities, won the Best Actress Award for Maryam Al-Kuwari, who is one of the leading characters of the work. The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs participated in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports in the activities of the theatrical festival hosted by the State of Kuwait recently. Last November, the Qatari children’s play, Ba’eat Al-Ka’ak “The Cake Seller”, won the award for the best integrated work, equally with the Kuwaiti Aalam Al-Doma “The Puppet World,” as part of the activities of the Arab Child Theater Festival. The Qatar University show, Shabab wa laken “Youth…but,” won the award for the 3rd best integrated Theatrical work in the 8th Afaq Theater Festival in the Sultanate of Oman in May of last year. The crowning of the Qatari show with this award occurred during the participation of the Theater Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The Qatari show was admired by the participating artists and critics, in addition to the Arbitration Committee, which earned it this award.
Artist Salem Al-Mansoi participated with his play Al-Sultan “The Sultan” in the 8th edition of the Moroccan Festival for Amateurs Theater, in Tunis from November 21 to 24 this month, in which Qatar participated as an honorary guest. Meanwhile, the Fadaa Al-Doma puppets troupe of the Center for Theater Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is currently participating in the Turkish Izmir Festival for Puppet Shows in its fourteenth session, with the theatrical performance Sahabati “My Cloud”. This participation by Qatar – the only Arab Gulf Country – was one among 16 participations from Turkey, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Britain, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, India and the String Theatre.