The Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum launched the “Summer sitter” initiative, which presents the forum with a selection of valuable books for intellectuals in Qatar.


The “Summer Sitter” initiative aims at encouraging reading during the summer and to publicize the Qatari book by selecting a collection of books from local publishing houses and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as well as strengthening, consolidating and developing the relationship between the Forum and the cultural and creative personalities in the State of Qatar.


In his message to intellectuals, Mr. Hamad Mohamed Zakiba, Director of the Forum of Qatari Publishers and Distributors, stated that “Your expertise and position in the cultural arena are indispensable to our institution” and that “the Forum is confident that your contributions will be a cornerstone and a basis of importance in achieving the objectives of the Forum.” He called on intellectuals to “express their valuable opinions and observations on the advancement of the publishing and distribution industry in the State of Qatar.”


It is worth mentioning that the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum was established to enhance the career path of Qatari publishers and distributors, represent the Qatari cultural sector locally, regionally and internationally in relevant federations, and to organize and upgrade the publishing industry professionally and culturally.