The Qatari forum for Authers launched a package of new releases in the Hall of Wisdom in the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the book “Misery has an unbearable Tear” for the author, Mohamed Attiya.

The writer illustrated that, in the book, he started by talking about self- experience, after that he moved to modify the idea so that the reader is a partner in the content of the book and must see himself in the book, noting that the book is a journey inside the human soul and is divided into four chapters. The first chapter talks about what is said about pain ,the second about what was said in the suffering, which was a greater phase of the suffering, and whether it could be eliminated, and the third about fear, and the fourth about what was said in “hearing good news, noting that he was currently preparing a new book that would complement the idea of the book on “too late,” and then a third book as an integrated project.

He indicated that the book “Misery has an unbearable Tear” is the fifth book and that he made a good use of his studies in history, noting that the book raised human and psychological questions.

On the title of the book and its illusion that it was a novel, the author explained that in the book he gave texts that were neither stories nor novels, pointing out that this category was widespread in the United States, which dealt with psychological problems, noting that the classification of books was not a necessity and that there were publishers publishing such books.